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Defining Our Commitment

Vital Partnership: Our first goal is to build a rapport with our customers.  We intend to demonstrate that you can trust us before we ask for a formal commitment on your remodeling project.We believe in collaboration with you. Our team members listen and respond. We will bring new ideas to the table that you may not have considered. We will work with you as a partner in your remodeling.

Inspiring Ideas:  We will present a variety of materials to consider for your bathroom remodel that take into consideration your application and your budget.  We will present new innovations or green solutions or traditional products that ensure long life and viability to your project.  We present solutions to your needs. We believe that convenience trumps aesthetics. We love authentically crafted products for their craftsmanship. We research every product before we recommend it to you. We believe this type of materials selection makes the whole of the space yours in every finished detail.

Engagement:  We specifically write out what you can expect us to do, how we are going to perform, what is our time line in our letter of agreement. If we cannot meet the time line, we let you know.

Resilience: Residential remodeling is retrofitting a prescribed space. It requires the most creative and intelligent responses to building solutions. We can typically anticipate what we will find that is not obvious to the eye and build that expected element into the letter of agreement. On occasion, there is a surprise during the process.  When we open a wall or floor to find something unanticipated we provide a rapid response on how to address challenges as they occur. You are our partner in solving the remodeling issues.

Passion:  We pride ourselves in our craft.  We are experienced, detail oriented professionals in the remodeling industry. We want our work to bring you joy, contentment and satisfaction for years to come.

Our certifications California License 387275
32 years in construction industry
Meile Installation Certification
20/20 Certification
Color Certification
Project Management Certification
Surfaces 2013 Credential

National Kitchen and Bath