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Design Build Construction Saves $

Most homeowners require some education with the remodeling process to realize the value of design-build. Too many homeowners believe the value lies in competitive bidding. Rarely is that the case, except maybe for exterior replacement work, a new driveway or construction of a community park. Certainly not for a whole-house remodel.

Design-build, although not the only way to go, is the best way to go. It keeps one entity in control of design, construction, and the hiring and management of all contractors. Design-build is common in the remodeling market, but it can – and should – be applied to more projects than it is. I’d bet that satisfaction levels of homeowners whose projects were managed within the design-build process are higher than those whose projects took the design-bid-build route.

Remodeling, like custom home building, has been described to me as, “a horrible business model,” because the product is reinvented for each customer and production efficiencies are difficult to establish. The best a remodeler can do is create best practices and procedures, and trust they will work as planned, every time. The design-build process – with its single point of control – is the perfect way to establish consistency, and to manage the unforeseen challenges inherent in every remodeling project.