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Kitchen Must Haves

What’s in your kitchen?

My kitchen is very well planned. I have a movable island that can serve as a kitchen table or butt against the larger, stationary island to create a large serving area for guests. I also have two sinks – one used for cleaning up dinnerware and the other for cleaning vegetables. Because I entertain often, large refrigerators with easy access are important; I can fit large trays of food in those and store large quantities in the freezers. There are two movable carts in my kitchen – one for small appliances and the other for hand tools, such as wooden spoons – that I can pull up to the counter where I am working.

What’s important to you when designing a kitchen?

My current kitchen is my 21st, so I have learned well how to create a successful space. It matters a lot to me that a kitchen is the hearth of the home; it needs to be light and airy and provide good ventilation. I have been in many beautiful kitchens that do not look like they have really been used, but a kitchen needs to look like it is being used – it’s a work spot. That said, you should have a kitchen that is easy to clean.

What are some “must-haves”?

Ample drawer and counter space is important, which is why I stow my appliances on the movable cart so I have more prep space. Ovens also need to be placed close enough to the counter so you aren’t constantly walking around the kitchen, and sinks have to be spacious enough to wash a roasting pan. The kitchen itself has to be large enough for guests and pets.